Monday, 21 November 2011

new/old work

When I was first putting together my photocopy patterns early last year I had in mind an idea of mass production - being able to produce lots of artwork that would all look different but made entirely out of the same photocopied materials... sadly this was possibly a misguided idea as none of the work actually did look that different... I thought I could cut out the work of coming up with compositions and create a new creative method which was entirely based on permutation and that my work would randomly generate itself into new pictures... I ended up making loads of this work which was basically the same and mass produced.

So lots of this work has been lying about my house for the past two years whilst I've been doing much better things - I used the patterns I developed in different and more varied ways and used them to aid composition rather than replace it.  Though I was always intending to jazz up these old framed pieces and make them look better and more individual.  So for my exhibition in London next week - I was asked to submit work that I would be able to sell for under £100 - so it was time to free up some of the space in my already vast, cluttered and messy house... so I finally "jazzed up" the images that had been lying around for so long... and the results are rather good.  As you can see there are examples of what each image looked like before and what they look like now... the image above is called "Splintered Converging"...  which is a bit of a typical title from me:

Here's another one:

Here's another called one "Void Strata" - which is another typical title - one does find oneself being very typical of oneself... when oneself is me all of the time....  The before and after images both look good but by adding more layers each piece becomes more unique than it was when it was part of my factory line.  

A void strata would be like a cutting into nothing and finding lots of different layers of nothing which is contrarily full of globdules of nothing.  This one is like a some weird coagulating non flow of neon organic.... so maybe that would have also been a good title.... though I'll save that for the next time I make an image of any kind of psycho archeological pseudo limbo.

I then put together four smaller images (about A5) all of which can be seen below here:

The details for the exhibition can be found here - so if you are in London on 1st December then feel free to attend and RSVP it to the email address that's on the website.  The other artists look fairly good and it's a nicely varied selection.  Also it says I am "new and emerging" which sounds rather promising - I'm hoping to sell all my work and have a nice amount of money to spend - I sort of have dreams about some massive company building me a house on top of the tallest tower in London and I'll be their collage boy who makes lots of things that get better and better because I won't have to work in a normal job - I'll have all the time in the world to make much better artwork - also the world would leave me alone whenever I wanted it to - my relationship with the world would finally be perfect.