Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Sludge sludge sludge

The worm eats upwards through the sludge but there is always more sludge
Sludge sludge sludge....
The worm reaches the top of the sludge and feels exhulted and free in the open air
Open, cold, What?
A boot covered in sludge tramples the worm back into the sludge
Sludge sludge sludge.
The worm wakes up and has a spine and remembers it’s a person,
The worm steps outside and sees all the other worms
Worms worms worms
On a street corner a different worm talks about transcendence and beauty
Hope hope hope
The worm remembers it’s dream of being trampled back into the dirt
Dirt dirt dirt
It wants to tell them all that the only beauty above them is more:
Sludge sludge sludge (and boots)

In episode 2 of Sludge Sludge Sluge:  the worm gets hit by a car and as he lays in a coma in hospital he dreams of being a worm crawling up a cat's intestine... and eventually he gets pooed out into a litter tray full of sludge sludge sludge



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