Saturday, 27 October 2012

word formations live immobile over a spinning sameness

Two more images for sale on Ebay.  Click on the titles below the images to have a look, and perhaps bid on them.

sculptured bone cloud formations float still immobile with spinning extensions over the empty...

words live self aware over a pit in the life damaging sameness - sharp and cutting.

These small images are selling quite well so far -  definitely feasible that I can keep producing them and make a small profit in doing so.  Think the idea is to make as many as possible and try to keep them varied and try to make them appear more and intricate but also still try to produce them at a fast enough rate not to worry if they only sell for 99p - though it's hard to do each image any justice if they are rushed so I prefer to just make each one as good as possible in the hope that the world hears about them and eventually bids a whole lot more... so far I've managed to make 30 pound out of selling work on EBay - which is quite good as I'm quite inexperienced at online auctions and haven't quite worked out all the tricks to getting the most attention but I'm happy to be sending out little pictures of the insides of my brain to people I've never met.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

21.9.12 - 29.8.1

21.9.12 - i have hundreds of business cards more than what I'm ever likely to distribute so thought I could spare a few that were on my desk at work - collaging in the office does get me through a lot of my pointless hours in the call/contact centre.
20.912 - bird.
19.912 - the secret internal clockwork of biology forms a cityscape as unrealistic as it's blood red sun.
18.9.12 - imagining dullness magnified into millions of cells - each with their own unique glow - so the greatness and wonder of singular building blocks are reduced by their togetherness into a inescapable, dull and dreary sameness.  
17.9.12 - respect for the aged day.  A leaking behemoth aims to collect dispersed blocks.
16.9.12 - the place is left quiet and empty - and the people left in the past are now unheard of and unthought of.
15.9.12 - helped to take my younger brother to university which involved boxes, bags and satellite navigation.
14.9.12 -  train tickets make a regular appearance through out this diary - usually to the same places - this marks in history my most recent return to Doncaster.  Quite an event.
13.9.12 -  the circling of hearts in a trail of broken geometry.
12.9.12 - a collage unique in it's incompleteness.  I am starting to learn all about negative spaces.
11.9.12 - cords of questions entwined beneath the carapace of an insect unshocked and unfazed by it's impending  self awareness.

10.9.12 - back to work after my eventful weekend in Scarborough - observe the grey sameness numbing a sense of deep  buried red disdain at my current situation.  The anger ferments but get's balanced out by my evenings at home full of productivity and love.
9.9.12 - we won a toy bug in a penny arcade - and also two soft toy cats.
8.9.12 - was asked to read a poem at my friends wedding - not a poem written by myself but one selected for me... think I did a pretty good job of it, everyone said so anyway - the microphone was quite low down so i had to stoop down to it but i think that allowed me to convey more emotion - like some bizarre acting technique that crouching lower than I was made the speech more humble and heartfelt... anyway it was a lovely wedding and it was great to be so involved in it.  This collage benefited very much from sticking a photograph in about a month after the day.  Just to let you know I don't always make these images as spontaneously as I might have you believe.
7.9.12 - arrived in Scarborough and pretty much saw everything all in one long walk - went to the sea life centre and pointed out how a penguin had escaped from there a few years back.  Went to Terror Towers and saw Michael Myers executed by the Terminator - got very scared by a dinosaur at one point.  Went to pretty much all the charity shops - walked through all the areas I remember being drunk and crazy at when I was at university - can't really imagine how I was ever like that in contrast to who I am now... these days I tend to forgo alcohol and social meet ups in favor of exercising to tv box sets and sticking bits of paper together.  Going out all the time hints at a desperation that I'm really glad I don't have anymore.
6.9.12 - as I had the day off work I tried to fill this page with as many things to do as possible - one of my longest ever to do lists.... and I still got it all done.
5.9.12 - the mountains reflect themselves into underground caverns observed like an ant farm by invisible fingers - moulded stupid and continual into drowning buckets of a inverse continuum.
4.9.12 - the crustacean folds into a ball of impenetrable barriers and lives for a thousand years under molten lava. 

3.9.12 - had my opening at the Leeds Gallery - more details here.

2.9.12 - eggs drift worthless and scorched to compressed ashes through the upper edge of a expanding core.
1.9.12 - fighting back the start of mould and condensation from our windows - the winter is upon us and it ruins our houses.
31.8.12 - the supposed copies combine into new senses and allow me to realize there's no limit to my similarities and that I'm lost - permutating myself over and over into more or less favourable conclusions.

30.8.12 - even though I'm having a week off work I spend it working on  my artwork and delivering it to exhibitions.   There will come a point when this absolutely must start working in my favour and one day I absolutely must be able to quit my day job and go part time.  Click below to help me accomplish this;
29.8.12 - went for a heart scan last year to see if i had the early signs of a hereditary heart disease - I didn't which means that there's no method of preventing it yet - if it was to happen.  This image before reminds me of the scan - probably just because it looks vaguely heart like.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A pin point trap of rigid bars of smaller boundaries.

The title of this blog post is a mixture of different parts of the titles for the works included below.  These are the latest small images that I've put onto Ebay... as with last time you can click on the link below each image and that should take you to the item.

a pin point light over the rest of everything bores brighter through a non magnification of false framing
This first image is part landscape and part voidscape - it has a focal point which is almost like some sort of lighthouse - the yellow point in the centre.  This focal point has a white rectangular frame which gives the false impression of being in the distance... very much a false impression due to the fact that pictures are often entirely 2 Dimensional in form but create 3 Dimensional spaces through tricks with perspective.  The above is a very primitive trick.  The landscape/voidscape surrounding the point of light is a living, writhing thing.  It's not something that would be safe to walk over - but at least it would be scenic.

aliens perforate/expand into a larger trap of flesh
 I used to very much like the X Files as a teenager and love a good alien abduction story.  There aren't really enough films or tv shows that have alien abduction in anymore.  It must have been a 90s thing.  The above image may not be all about alien abduction but more about the pure terrible pressure of something higher and unknowable which reaches into the minds of people - the three faces in the image stand blank and expressionless and together - all linked by some horrible unknowable force that gets stuck in their heads and makes them all live towards the same values and conceits.  I don't have any dislike for people as individuals but there is some over riding power that hangs in the rafters of the collective consciousness and makes people gang up on anyone who's a bit different.  It's certainly not very nice.

green mist forming a slight orb behind rigid bars of organic
 This is a large ghostly everescent orb drifting through the ether - it's a big green orb - this big green orb could be living or perhaps it's just a shape.  The big green orb would be real somewhere, it's motives unknowable and vague even to itself.

wall and floor corner assemblage grows into a smaller boundary
This started out as a photograph of part of my installation at the Bankley Gallery last year... I built around it making it more of a two dimensional picture but the both are in contrast to one another... I quite like the contrast.  How the photo pulls you towards it and boxes itself in and the rest of the image is both a frame/border but also in interaction... I could have made it blend in better but I wanted to retain that contrast and create some separation.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

tendrils unreal real

Tendrils unreal real.

Another image posted to EBay - not sure how well this is all going to work but may as well persevere with it.  I've got an installation to make next month so I can still enjoy making work for galleries as well as little bits and pieces I can try to sell for however much people think it's going to be worth.

I've been attempting to promote myself on Twitter a little bit.  Felt quite tiresome after a while tweeting "artwork for sale" over and over again so I've been trying to be a little bit more interesting (and less annoying) by writing a sentence which sums up the artwork - this has almost resulted in some very interesting alternative titles and interpretations for the work.  I'm going to list them here:

the representations gather listening and wanting solutions to their simply made wasteland    

Bleak partitions allow colourful entries of distant continual growth      

Listeners speak to inverted auditorium whilst wakefully grounding down under green gas    

The centre corner (top right) useless conveyance         

Envelope sized shutter blind for monochrome breakages      

Coagulating still limbs reach blindly/blandly under continuing world's activity      

fossilized heart pulls strands of broken glow bricks into repeat texture maw      

Void anemone eats cells of bright logic before settling itself + the foodsource into a rectangular frame  

in five minutes or some other measurement relative tendrils evaluate littered boxes     

fluorescent yellow squares dribble up/down from a dumb gelatinous stone vector    

Sharp corners grated smooth down a funnel of visual guesswork
 provide your donation today    

light lands inaccurate and dull - intensify landing patterns with this:

A lot of those last few tweets are for this image:

This image doesn't actually have a title and I made it about two years ago... with some enhancements last year.  There are plenty of links to it just above but feel free to click on this one - it's probably the last picture I'm selling in it's frame on Ebay and there's only one day left to bid on it.

Apologies to the world for becoming a pushy weird salesperson.  I've never been particularly great at selling myself or putting myself across possibly because I do it with so much hesitation making it tricky to be consistent... though when I get an idea in my head I tend to go with it until it proves to be completely unsuccessful.  Then I simply adjust the idea until it becomes slightly more or even less successful.  This is then repeated until I find the right level of whatever it is I'm actually trying to achieve.  This perfect level of achievement has not been found yet.  So watch me adjust it.  Unsuccessfully/successfully?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

More work on EBay

Made these four images this week - just listed them on EBay, click on the titles of the pictures below each image to have a look.

broken strands of inaccurate logic


false circulation of a centre

inverted light forms on floors

Also still have two framed images for sale.  

click here

And this one that ends in about 4 hours;
click here

Producing small and affordable pieces of artwork seems to be the way forward for me... for many reasons large pictures are getting annoying - the space they take up and also the task of carrying them back and forth to exhibitions... it's started to wear quite thin and think a better money and time saver would be to produce smaller artwork for a while.  That isn't to say the smaller images would have less content or be less interesting - I hope to put more into these smaller images and to progress my ideas with them - and also to put them into nice little plastic sleeves and sell them on EBay - the idea being that each one will have the starting price of 99p and people will bid what they are worth.

I read this article and the last paragraph stood out for me and made me think this to be a pretty good idea.  It says:

"Lastly, have something for everyone. Offer art in all price ranges. People who like your work, but can't afford the big stuff should at least have the opportunity to come away with something. These are your biggest fans, your collector base, the people who will stand by you throughout your career. Do whatever you can to provide them with art. That's the best way to maximise your exposure, create good will, get yourself out there, jump start your sales, and become known and respected in the arts community."

Think that authenticates my reasoning pretty well and makes me look quite professional in taking this approach... though actually not sure if anything could really make me look professional.  Anyway there are all sorts of reasons why I should make smaller affordable artwork.  Not everyone can afford hundreds of pounds including myself - so just to make a little bit of extra cash on top of my awful day job I think this is the correct approach and I also think it will lead to better work simply because I'll be producing as many unique and different images as often as possible rather than working on one big image a month only for it to languish and anguish in the corner of my living room for ever and ever.  I hope to produce a large quantity of work with a lot of quality - and have the work distributed to people who can afford it - and people who may one day when I'm dead make a lot more money out of it than I did.  We all die eventually and the more work  I produce the more worthwhile my life would have been - and it's impossible to store the amount of work I'd like to produce in my small living space so it would be good if it was accommodated in other people's.