Thursday, 10 July 2014

The unquantified non process

I have been working in a new temp job for the past 4 weeks where I was answering calls from schools who were uploading the results for their National Curriculum Assessments.  It was an incredibly quiet job so I got lots of time for incredibly productive daydreaming and drawing.  It's the most I've ever been paid to sit around and doodle and daydream.  I've compiled these drawings and daydreams into a kind of psychological narrative, and also colored them in digitally.  I wouldn't call it a comic or a story but more of a historical scroll.  Anyway see what you think and please don't take it too seriously.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Society 6

Recently uploaded some images onto Society 6.  Which is an interesting idea, basically I upload old images and website pays for them to be printed onto merchandise like cups and phone cases and prints so I don't have to make the effort or put any of my very lacking finances into printing costs and materials.  You'll notice I'm experimenting with an advert banner at the top of this blog, I may get rid of that if I start to find it aesthetically irritating.

I think this could be seen as selling out but then I didn't have anything to sell out of in the first place. My dignity, ideas and general individuality isn't at all damaged by being on this website and if I start to make a bit of extra money to pay for cat food then that's all well and good.  It's early days yet so this is just a little experiment although admittedly I do think the merchandise does look pretty cool and that every household should have a Garth Simmons tea mug.  That might sound slightly egotistical but for the people who know me it's the exact attitude they would likely expect.  In this business you have to constantly bolster your self confidence, passion and determination otherwise you become all flailing and mournful.

So buy my things and then my self confidence might not feel quite as misplaced as it does when I think about it rationally.