Thursday, 23 January 2014

Facebook Page - like, like, like and so on.

I've finally gotten around to making myself a Facebook page.  Its one of those things I'm told I should have done but I've never considered essential.  I'm still unsure whether it is essential yet, though what I have discovered is that every single like I receive provide tiny boost to my ego.  My ego used to be a worthy thing but as I've gotten older I feel much more sedate, so my ego needs an awful lot of boosting.

I've done everything I can within my own sphere of reality to boost my ego.  I've been making sure I get my daily quota of Zinc which has been great for my complexion and the bags under my eyes.  I've also just bought a lovely new jacket, but I have a feeling.  A feeling that if I get everyone in the world to like my art page then everything in our lives will be good.  There would be an end to all wars, all poverty, all extinct species would come back to life and we would take our rightful place amongst the stars.  So just click here and click ''like'' for universal happiness and perfection throughout the universe.

I should probably note that part of the reason why I'm not a massively successful artist is because I'm a very unconvincing salesperson.