Saturday, 30 April 2016


From the sky upwards everything was a red so lacking in light that it hung heavy. An isolating glob sphere container for the death world Ukatrax, home of the Ukatraxians, the dominant life form of Ukatrax.  Who built their cities with compressing green and miscalculated maths.  Their habitats were stacked above one another without function.  Their only design was a hole in which to throw away the bones of their children. Each mile of bodies would indicate a dead slave generation.  The smell of history's rotting dust was Ukatrax's most celebrated aroma.  We are dead forever.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Remote Distance Reserve


My first blog entry of 2016.  Mostly due to me being busy making artwork and also not-busy being interested in sharing my work publicly.  At least not complete images.  On my Facebook group I post incomplete fragments of the images being produced (which makes sense as my work is essentially a very large accumulation of incomplete fragments) and this blog was originally started to show how I progressively created my installation at the Bankley Gallery back in June 2011.  Almost Five years ago.  So this blog at times feels as if it has outlived it's use.  In the following years after the installation I did some fairly interesting writing on here.  Existential stuff and analytical thoughts about my creative progress.  Some very good explorations of different voices and different ways of analysing my work and thought processes, and this taught me a lot about writing.  So I don't regret keeping a blog.  Just wondering why it should exist, what I can achieve from still having it?  Should I leave it alone and not use it again or shall I post things as and when they become appropriate?  See what I end up writing.  One tactic I use to employ would be to make the font smaller on a paragraph like this, giving the illusion that my self doubt in this blog is minor.  Allowing the more self promotional aspects paragraphs to gain size in font, if not in content.

Apologies for not writing much on my blog this year.  In fact, this is my first entry.  The above image is a new picture I made.  It is called "Remote Distance Reserve" (working title)  I have been very busy the past few months staying in and making lots of artwork. Being busy creatively.  I will be having two exhibitions at the Chorlton Arts Festival this year.  Details here.

Now to finalize I would say that I could post a new image on here every week in order to build up towards the opening of the festival.  And towards any other exciting things that may happen in the next month or two.