Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Internal Infinities Probably Photocopy

Exhibiting some interesting work alongside some other Collagists in London between the 31st March and 18th April (see flyer at the end of this post)

I've reused the title of my old Facebook page from a very long time ago in naming this vertical strip of an image.  Partly because I forgot to name the image before posting it.  

This image is made of 3 original A4 images and 3 photocopies of the same A4 images turned upside down. A lot of my work tends to be rooted in reprinting parts of old work and then recollaging them. This is the most direct instance of using an actual exact and untampered full scale photocopy in an exhibition... I owe an awful lot to photocopiers so I decided it's time I show how faithfully they are able to reproduce my artwork.  They actually make my artwork much faster than I do too.  They must think I'm really stupid.

Anyway for people who can't see it in person here it is online:

One of the reasons I made it a vertical strip rather than a horizontal is because it looks better on my blog.  

Anyway here is the flyer for the exhibition containing all the information such as times and dates and locations:

Even though you've just seen my work it's very different to see in real life and also the other artists at the exhibition all sound very interesting and provocative.