Wednesday, 2 March 2011

DAY OFF WORK DAY - Thursday 6 October 2011

I've been having this brain wave on and off for quite some time now, it goes back and forth disapearing for a few months at a time and as this last year has been the year in which I've taken action and made progress I thought why not give this a go, whether it works or not it should be interesting.

The idea is DAY OFF WORK DAY  .

I'm going to try to organise as many people to take a day off work as possible. The date is set for Thursday 6 October 2011 - which leaves me plenty of time to organise this, with any luck it won't require a great deal of organisation, I was hoping that once I got my first two or three hundred people the whole thing would grow organically and become it's own thing, because DAY OFF WORK DAY doesn't belong to me, it belongs to everyone, and every single person can get whatever they happen want out of it. I might actually just stay in bed and get lots of reading done, some will spend a bit of time with their friends and/or relatives, but everyone who wants this day off can do whatever they want to do individually and/or as a community.

There are all sorts of motives that could be attached to this and all sorts of philosophies but I'm not here to tell anyone why they would want to have this day off.  It could be an attack against authority whether it be politicians, the monarchy, the Gods, or your manager at work or it could be your opportunity to watch the Sopranos.

I think that the more people sign up to this the more it will be noticed and even if the day isn't allowed to happen it will serve as a threat which would perhaps force some sort of change, like all the tax money being paid towards the banks are given back to working people.  Something like that anyway.  It works as a threat as if you had thousands of people not wanting to go into work on one particular day, then the integral structure of our society would probably wibble enough to cause some sort of subtle damage.
I myself am not very politically minded.  I've been on a few protest marches when I was younger and found them very frustrating because a lot of effort was required, such as travel, banner making, trying to get psyched up enough to chant satirical songs but not manage it because I'm deep down not much of a shouter... and after all that nothing was changed, at all.  No matter how many people turned up and no matter how many rousing speeches were made... so I gave up on that and decided that I actually couldn't be bothered, they didn't need me to do that, they didn't need anyone, protest seemed quite ineffective, besides, governments come and go, chop and change, they all change faces and get new names but present day politics became rather uninteresting and small when looking at the bigger picture.
The bigger picture is horrifying, an infinity of unfathomable cell structures getting bigger and smaller around each other all bouncing around in pain and confusion - each of us different and each of us the same - caught up in our own bodies and personalities limiting our vision because deep at the centre of everything there's a mirrored self reflecting tunnel circling back on itself in a terrifying loop. Our role which is seemingly to carry out one task after another for no discernable reason other than to keep things working and to keep it all tidy implores me to set up my DAY OFF WORK DAY.  Which could potentially change a lot more than a protest march and nobody would even have to do anything at all - except maybe read a book, go to the park or whatever it was they felt like doing.

It's strange but these days I am actually incredibly happy compared to what I have been in the past but that doesn't mean that I can stand around all smug in my own achievement and happiness, I'm setting up DAY OFF WORK DAY in the interest of everyone's happiness. I myself don't have a political motive, more personal or existencial - for lack of a better word (though there are likely plenty of better words).  What really motiviates me most is fun, freedom and happiness, and to be allowed to just be ourselves for one day, together, and not be defined by what we do.  Of course this is likely not going to work as well as I would wish and there are obvious drawbacks to the idea.  I've set up my Facebook event and so far it's about half of the people invited have decided not to take part - which is likely a good thing - as we might need half of the world to be at work otherwise planes would be dropping out of the sky.  Some people like their jobs, some love their jobs, I wouldn't want to impose the idea that my way is the only way of seeing things.  That would be quite odious. 

So anyway the event on Facebook is here (again in case you missed it) feel free to add your ideas and input and also feel free to put whatever motivation you like onto it, if you want to use it as a springboard to say anything feel free to do that too.  Thursday 6th October 2011 is the day when you can be free to do what you like - as long is it's not going to hurt other people, that wouldn't be very nice.  Also don't forget to invite everybody you know to this event, it could be great.  Who knows?

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