Monday, 1 September 2014

Front Row Society Contest

I've entered a scarf design competition for Front Row Society.  These online contests are mostly a popularity contest rather than being judged by the merit of the work itself, therefore I have to ask all my friends to vote for me through links I'll be posting on Facebook and on this blog entry.  I doubt I'll have enough clicks to actually win as I imagine there will be other designers on the website who will have more time to post links all over social media all day and everyday.  Then again, who knows?  There's no point in not trying and my hubris tells me I deserve to win.  

I'm going to do some more blogging but first I'd like you to click on the below images or links, one by one, and vote for each image.  Perhaps an emotional blackmail campaign strategy is the best way to win this contest... Here goes....  

If you don't vote for all my images then you are not my friend. So please vote.

So now that you've done that... or you probably haven't... or you might have done... though you probably didn't.... but you should... though you won't... not that it matters much.... except it does... but it shouldn't. Anyway now that you've done that (or haven't) I thought I'd write a little bit more about the images. I don't know if I best represented them with my writing on the Front Row website.  I said something about 80s sci fi films like Bladerunner being some kind of influence but that was simply a way of fitting in with the Modernist theme of the contest.  80s science fiction is the event horizon of modernism (though Event Horizon was actually a 90s sci fi film) bringing the lofty ideals and logic of early modernist utopias into gritty decaying dystopias.  

All well and good but really I'm not sure that it has anything to do with my work.  We are a product of our culture (or at least that's something we can use an excuse for being the terrible people) so perhaps by having a childhood steeped in science fiction did influence my outlook
and visual aesthetic... but if it did it only did it on a very subconscious level.  So in the description on the website I am effectively lying.  I didn't realize this at the time so when I typed it I convinced myself it was true, I was even lying to myself.  I convinced myself that it sounded good and that it would give people a context with which to understand it.

Does this mean that everything I ever write could be a lie?  Am I telling the truth about what I'm writing right now?  Is that actually possible for me, or for anyone?  Is the truth so mutable that it can only define one moment therefore making all promises into lies?  What was true isn't anymore.  Soon the truth will be something else.  Therefore I need to know what is actually reliable?  I can't even rely upon myself to be able to define exactly what it is I'm thinking or what it is that I actually want.  Sadly it goes much deeper than that... MY truth is something in a different language that only I can speak but I've completely unable to understand.  I'm dislocated into a fiction.  I've gotten to a point where all my dreams are actually just shapes and colours.  People don't factor into anything anymore. 

You'll notice that there are images images interspersed throughout my pitiful ranting.  These are close ups of the scarf designs.  You can actually click on these and vote for me in a contest (as mentioned above).  Perhaps if I win then the truth might become much less mutable for me.  Life will become a little more solid and reliable and I might stop telling lies about Bladerunner.  

At this point you might be reminded of an X Factor contestant talking about his/her dead relatives or the fact they have to work in a dead end job and live in a really rubbish flat.  

Well guess what?  I have dead relatives.  Very dead relatives.  I also work in a dead end job and live in a very rubbish flat.  I have a cat to feed as well.  He is called Claude and by caring him I demonstrate that I have the ability to love and I that I am not a scary psychopath.  

I think if you have not already done so then you should vote for me.  All five of my images. I irrefutably deserve it what with me being so hard done by.  I can tell you another reason why I'm hard done by, and this one will put you on a real guilt trip and have you desperate to vote for me.  The main reasons that my existence is so wretched is YOU. It's actually all you're fault.  Every last one of you.

Though don't stay in your guilt trip for too long because guess what?!  I forgive you all.  My weakness is my strength.  My compassion is me and I will heal you all with my love and empathy.  But only if I win this contest.

So after reading all of this then you should realize that voting for me in this contest is possibly the most important thing you could ever do in your entire life.  All your mistakes and missteps so far will be just fine if you click on the links and then click like... also I think you have to log in to the website using Facebook.  Anyway what are you waiting for?  Stop reading this and get clicking on those links.

Have you done it yet?  Come on.  It's free to vote.  There's really no reason why you shouldn't and every reason imaginable as to why you really, really should.  God is watching and he thinks that you should vote for me.  I think he's right.  You think he is right too.  Don't you?  Yes.  You do.  Well go on then.  Get voting. For me.

(It's worth noting that this contest is a legitimate contest and not actually just a popularity contest, so that means that even if I don't get to the top by voting I am still in with a chance of winning via selection of the staff at Front Row Society.  Though that's not an excuse for not voting).