Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Intuitive schematics of inexpressible feelings and ideas

Some new artwork collaged from a recent piece of work.  An analysis of another analysis and an organic development and growth of what came previously (business as usual for me - being under a constant self assessment (for better or for worse)).

Saturday, 28 January 2012

27.1.12 - 22.1.12

27.1.12 - Schematic of Space Station
26.1.12 - I allow divergent mind friction rearranging recognition.
25.1.12 - Dulls other
24.1.12 skull inside shallow traction dimming
23.1.12 Very happy day at the dentists... Last year I was told by Withington Dental Care  (4th feedback comment down is written by me) that I had Periodontitis - the filling they replaced fell out the other week so I arranged to see a different dentist as Withington Dental Care would likely give me a root canal and charge me £200 and then systematically spend the next 30 years pulling out my teeth.  So off to Burton Road Dentists instead and they said I had no signs of Periodontitis or any gum disease whatsoever and that they weren't sure why they had replaced my filling in the first place... so don't always trust your dentist, especially if they come across as rude, ignorant and completely dodgy.
22.1.12 - Empty cell elements adjusting thought

Sunday, 22 January 2012

21.1.12 - 18.1.12

21.1.12 - Dribble on faces accumulate vividly. 

20.1.12 - Tidy room for more cluttered exits.

19.1.12 - Ideas in the head of some kind of Horror World where there is a spiral staircase like a DNA Helix - on every level of an unending infinitely changing structure where souls are downgraded over and over again whilst a smug Buddha dances on the finishing square with the ultimate token of Enlightenment "I can't tell you what it is.  You just have to feel it." he says as the infinitude of multiplication drops downwards into huge game of snakes and ladders. (my negative opinions on reincarnation) 

18.1.12 - Drain gone shades plans are fire events (scribbled out tasks and only for more unending plans to clog the drain gone into the shade).

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

17.1.12 - 12.1.12

17.1.12 - Questionable losses lead to questionable answers - a cut and a fall and a full lull to call an end to the discovery of the limits of my greed (vague).
16.1.12 - To be real and to be mindful - mindFULL - but not full enough to feel empty enough to be nothing.
15.1.12 - a visit to BluePlanet.... though all fish look different bodily they all seem to carry the same facial expression - so you may be caught in a cacophony of colours and shapes but you will always be confronted with a small mindless face whose self awareness is potentially and probably empty....  (though I loved the diving ducks and otters).
13.1.12 - Why do old receipts cloud on scrunching?
12.1.12 - all the more clawing to cutting structure - (A plaster on the floor of School Admissions).

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Organised like organs

A new collage made from 3 pages of black A3.  I used print outs of this tippex experiment from a few months ago - I'm planning to zoom in on certain areas and print those out and then work some more detail into it as I don't think of this as a finished work of art - possibly because it isn't doing anything new or exciting in the way that I would like to - so it's simply a case of developing new backdrops and working out more ideas, compositions and possibly narratives.... so my task over the coming weeks is to put together some very interlaced collages using different scales and sizes.  So as usual I'm following the long drawn out non-scheme of using old art to inform new art until the old art is less distinguishable from what it started as.  

The original work I did on tippex was a semi autobiographical story (missing out the majority of any tangible details - as every instance of my life would probably amount to much more than I can remember or express) so it's possible that  you could say my entire life is a gloopy disorganised mass of shuffling nothing... in fact it's more than possible but you wouldn't be very original because I just said it then.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11.1.12 - 10.1.12

11.1.12 - Snowglobe insides photocopied, scattered, cut, glued and then here.
10.1.12 - A filling get's knocked out leaving a blank hole in the middle of my tooth - filled with specialist putty until I can get an appointment with a decent dentist.  Nightmares about teeth.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

9.1.12 - 6.1.12

9.1.12 - Picking up winnings from gambling on football games - one of the few things that could get me interested in football is making some money out of it.  I've been making very small accumulative bets that don't actually give you much back in return but that I am next to certain to always win... though one can never be certain enough to make this into a career... you're basically dealing with complex blocks of unpredictable predictables.
8.1.12 - Fixed Jacket
7.1.12 - Went to Jodrell Bank and saw the Lovell Radio Telescope - which looked a lot smaller than it did on the television back when it was called the Pharos Project.
Saw a Lady Gaga Tribute Act - a nearly middle aged woman does a reasonably good impression of Lady Gaga, though it's difficult for me to judge as I don't actually listen to her very much.  The above image looks quite unintentionally rude... Woman inverts into confused Lady Gaga parody sliding across the floor of Northwich pub with a slimy trail of wet skin and multiple placement of scattering limbs.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

5.1.12 - 4.1.12

5.1.12 - Gambling tendrils collect £1.87 (small steps)
4.1.12 - usual patterns - dead biro, usual writing - envelope remains glued onto scribbled over tasks, complete and bleeding over.  (I think I'm starting to feel more and more repetitious)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Slow and imperceptible experimentation

As you'll see my blog logo and background is now in full colour - it's as if I'm one of those magazines that relaunches itself on it's anniversary with ten extra glossy pages... except all I've done is spend a few hours over the Christmas weekend colouring in my logo and background and thinking that if I change it on New Years Day I could give off the impression that I am entering into some brave new era of blogging. 

However in contrast to this brave new era I'm also posting these black and white collages I made over the last few weeks...

These images exhibit the usual preoccupations and also the same methods as I've been using for quite a while - creatively I move in a sort of sidewards fashion adjusting and developing ideas through slow and imperceptible experimentation.  Sometimes I don't feel as if I've made any headway at all and then all of a sudden I'll make something that changes everything... that's the problem with having a rather muggy, foggy and convoluted mind... there is a lack of organisation so inspiration and ideas are developing all over the place sometimes not quite gelling at all until a year or two later.

Good news is I have a new 2012 page a day diary which I'm going to use every day - like I did with diary I had last year, before I lost it that is.  This new diary is a lovely posh diary from Paperchase which I'm unlikely to lose because it's so big - last years was a little pound shop diary that was starting to fall apart by February anyway, but it was a great help - by the end of January I had so much of my life sorted out - my socks were arranged in my drawers lined up like tiny multicoloured pigs... so hopefully this new Diary will fast track my life and art work into something really organized and brilliant... I hope to scan the developing pages of my diary into this blog because last year the scribbled out activities and layers of highlighter and tippex took on a rather organic and visual life of their own.... which made it all the more annoying when I lost it as I saw it as a developing art project.... so wish me the best of luck... just going off now to sort out my pencil case because my Diary is telling me too.