Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tippex & wall staring

This was made by working on a very small piece of paper with tippex and collage over and over again. Building up layers tearing bits off and sticking new and old bits back on.  It forms some sort of shifting and altering story, it's almost like an autonomous autobiography, except with all the nice bits edited out and the primary focus forced onto the unintelligible, mad, dribbly moments where I was just staring at a wall for a bit. 

So in summary the above is like all the moments I've stared at a wall for a bit, edited into one long sequence of me staring at a wall, or floor, or ceiling.  Though let's be fair, 30 years worth of staring at surfaces does cover an awful lot of surface.

(A sequel of sorts I made at a later date - the date I am adding this to the end of this entry (10 March 2011) can be found here:
http://garth-simmons.blogspot.com/2011/03/quickly-broken-remains.html )


  1. So how thick/deep was that when it was done?

  2. About one millimeter as the more tippex I put on the more bits kept falling off - or some I deliberately ripped off to get to patterns underneath.