Monday, 16 July 2012

7.6.12 - 4.6.12

7.6.12 - the new place is beginning to look far more organised.  Shelves are a big task but had a lot of fun with the brackets and the sheer sense of achievement making what looks like a weak ledge for soft toys become a sturdy supporter of books.  Saw Metric in the evening and they didn't play any of my preferred songs just the more rocky stuff and their new album I've never heard. 
6.6.12 - the silver is as it's meant to look.  Am I rising to a point where all my efforts will start to make sense.
5.6.12 - reflective stickers don't scan so well - the blue above is actually green but I actually prefer the scanned version.
4.6.12 - and to become a workable factory of sending produce to nowhere permanent.

3.7.12 - loads of things have no place and you can't tell if they are in or out.  Good thing the world has big enough dumping grounds to get rid of the stuff I'd rather not had.  Bear in mind the effort I make to recycle.
2.7.12 - I'm taking my things out of bags and boxes and putting them on ledges and available space and moving some things back into bags and boxes to take to bins.
1.7.12 - a trip to Ikea.  Great food and great furniture.  Built myself this desk - hoping that it will help me in my artwork and be useful as a place to organize myself and not just be a thing to put stuff on.
30.6.12 - a quick change of bank details and a move to paperless billing - I have too much of an accumulation of paper.
29.6.12 - brief trip back to Doncaster to visit older brother visiting from China.
28.6.12 - dark pits dug in the side of unorganised bone residue. 
27.6.12 -  impromptu sketch.  No sense of scale yet.
26.6.12 - disorganised shambling organic mass (mess) aspires to be incandescent multicolored light (life) form.

25.6.12 - the green light of death signals to go forever.
24.6.12 - a great unit of shelves designed to fit around a bathroom sink.
23.6.12 - 31 years old today.  Celebrations are put on the back burner and to be filed under "forgotten."  Got some nice presents though.
22.6.12 - started my house move today.  Got the keys and the contract and set up a direct debit to pay the water bill.
21.6.12 - old notebook plus paint.
20.6.12 - an old notebook from three years ago used during my last house move.
19.6.12 - lizard scientists.
18.6.12 - the organic mind imagining structures of solid unbreakable moveable objects.
17.6.12 - looking through old notebooks - found designs for an animation I was commissioned to make for an exhibition about different letters of the alphabet and each letter could be interpreted however you like.  I was assigned the letter L - ell hell:  the idea of looping over and over through an l shape made of l shapes.   The exhibition was cancelled so this was never projected but it was meant to repeat itself from beginning to end with no discernible beginning or end.
16.6.12 - the cube of order moving objects around me into lovely boxes ready for the big move.  Changing houses as soon as I get a moving date - the lines of movement need to be drawn into the least difficult strategy.   I am very good at linking words together to make the mundane sound more important and calculated than it needs to be.
15.6.12 - mental images which can't be linked to any origin - can some form of narrative be knocked out of a load of tangled pipes and broken objects.  I reckon it could if some powerful creature of vagueness became the point from which it originates. 
14.6.12 - the chain leads from one end of a story to another - though neither end is even vaguely worked out.  So the chain remains the only tangible point in the plot.  Though it could end up being a desert.  Or perhaps a thread or a tube.
13.6.12 - bits of this image torn off before throwing the rest of it in the bin.
12.6.12 - my brain coordinates my hand towards circles and vortexes - it's like if I leave my head unthinking it can only allow two basic compositions - a sphere in the middle of a rectangle or a series of lines pointing into a centre.
11.6.12 - like a stabbing pain but also a inward puking through some internal doorway that multiplies into shards of The Neverknowing.

10.6.12 - bought a nice purple jacket for 99p at the Barnardos in Fallowfield.  Small tear in the back.  Noticed from the label inside (and also the name written in marker on the inside) that the jacket at some point belonged to a school girl.  Beau Brummel is the name used for the jacket.  Beau Brummel knew a thing about sartorial elegance.
9.6.12 - empty drones with big feet and even bigger lungs.
8.6.12 - the insides of envelopes.  Why isn't more effort made to make the outside of envelopes as interesting as the inside.  It's like jackets.  I have seen some amazing lining on the insides of very boring and dull everyday jackets.  And shoes too.
7.6.12 - character sketch. Should look sadder and slower.
6.6.12 - a comparison of spaces and sixes.  Phoning landlords, arranging viewings, preparing the escape capsule.
5.6.12 - the great green orb built from the insides of envelopes - in denial of it's own sentience.
4.6.12 - chaos and the like - malformed limbos of empty everything and all the usual - never congealing just constant just like me constantly going on about it.