Thursday, 24 February 2011


So you see above a large amount of  replications and permutations of my collages thrown onto the floor with an autonomous stylishness. This isn't just a waste of my many photocopies - I had to set myself the task of cutting off all the annoying white borders that surround them all, so that when I stick them together into giant 96 inch squares then there will be less seperation between the bits of paper. I have to make at least 55 of these big squares, though I will likely aim for making about 109 or as many as am possibly able before it gets silly. So far I've made 44, then I ran out of photocopies, so I went and did more photocopies on Monday therefore I am now ready to make more squares. Sadly before I finish my very tiring task of making big squares I have to cut off all the white borders from my new pile of fresh photocopying.  Wowzers! Life does move in declining and reclining circles.

This isn't all I've been up to, it would be done if it was all I'd been up to, and I'd also have gone a little more than half crazy. Though some would argue I am more than half crazy, my reflection for one would be in agreement. I see it staring at me sometimes.

I've also been to Scarborough last weekend and going to London tomorrow, and on Tuesday gave a collage class to 18 month to five year old children all about butterflies and the hungry caterpillar, which was much more fun and a lot less scary than I'd originally anticipated.

Before I finish this entry I was mentioned on the Abstract Comic blog (which is full of interesting work) just here:

Also I've just recently had my details uploaded onto my new art dealer's website:

And finally Emily Pitts, a very nice artist lady has linked me on her website so thought I'd return the favour:


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tippex & wall staring

This was made by working on a very small piece of paper with tippex and collage over and over again. Building up layers tearing bits off and sticking new and old bits back on.  It forms some sort of shifting and altering story, it's almost like an autonomous autobiography, except with all the nice bits edited out and the primary focus forced onto the unintelligible, mad, dribbly moments where I was just staring at a wall for a bit. 

So in summary the above is like all the moments I've stared at a wall for a bit, edited into one long sequence of me staring at a wall, or floor, or ceiling.  Though let's be fair, 30 years worth of staring at surfaces does cover an awful lot of surface.

(A sequel of sorts I made at a later date - the date I am adding this to the end of this entry (10 March 2011) can be found here: )