Thursday, 27 June 2013

the soon to be walking stink

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life folds

---------------- In the folds heat clamours and SWEAT........ sticks -----------
------------- the skin of  VAST bacteria rises -------
--- the worrying breathing motions of the soon to be walking  STINK ----


turning materials finding SHARP EDGES building thicker CASINGsssssssss
--------------------IMPERVIOUS to many types of BREAKING-----------
....Defensive... singular -- cells -- barracaded into CUBOID loneliness------

-----------in each miniscule pustule DELUDED thoughts loop recursively --------------
into figure 8 patterns the two loops S - E - P - A - R - A - T - E -- ONE is now two
This PROCESS repeats itself creating a false society of imaginary/////sepAraTiOns

------the mirror/\/\/\/\/rorrim reflects each samey STARING ....... face ------
------------[eyes]  #undead sparkling central GODness----------------
................................................squandered away in the gutters of prisons.....................................................................

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Blog Header Chronicles (Part One?)

I'm sure I have very few regular visitors.  If you are a regular visitor you may have noticed that the header for my blog has been changing on quite a regular basis. 

It started on New Years Day 2013.  
I decided to change my Blog header.  
I incorporated an image of myself making artwork.  
I soon realised this may seem a little bit self absorbed.
So I tweaked it slightly. 
I decided that my photograph was perhaps too big and in your face.  
Also I felt that it needed more going on in in the rest of the image.
Soon I realised that I could keep evolving my Blog header throughout the year
Changing the header once per Blog entry.  
That the original image could fall backwards
New boundaries could keep creeping in around a shrinking image.  
Each image could then be saved and eventually put together into an animation.
How long this animation is eventually going to be I have no idea 
but I do enjoy the premise of it.  
At the moment my artwork is going through a transitional phase
I'm producing much more thoughts than actual artworks.
I'm going through ideas - looping endless pitiless ideas
None of which are written down anywhere but they are fairly sticky
They tend to stay around if they are good.  
Or at least if I think they are good.
Back on topic - which is my Blog header.  
My blog is called Obsessive Static Polarities and Recursions. 
I've thought that by New Years Day 2014 I may finished developing my banner 
Closing it off into a recursive loop - so that it will eventually come back onto itself.
I will hopefully actually be able to make the heading of my blog animated.  
Not sure if it will let me do this hopefully a GIF file will work.
Would a big flashy animated Blog header be really annoying?
Do I want to be annoying?
Also how would I go beyond that?  Where could I progress to?
Do I just stick with an animated header forever?  
Although my artwork is quite recursive I don't revel in recursions.
I just obsess about them.
Recursions are the most terrifying thing ever.  
I love the idea that there is some kind of final end.  
That one day it'll all go dark and we won't have to do anything anymore.
I want some opportunity to put a spanner in the wheels of everything.
This would allow me to just jump off for a moment and view everything at standstill.  
Rotations ceased - everything stopping and me just stood on the edges of everything.
I would probably be stood very still  - there's not much to stand on at the edge of everything.

Look above.  Up there.  To the right of the above image.
You can't NOT have noticed I've appeared in my blog header again.
Wearing my red suit and looking my most swish.
My most narcissistic and self absorbed. 

Failure in my initial attempts not to be self absorbed 
I've looped back on myself and there I am - I'm staring right at me now
Frozen on the edge of everything.
Is that progression?
It's a progression.  
In the first photograph I had my head down and I was working hard. 
In the new photograph I'm preening myself and standing idly around 
Next to a badly integrated door.  

TO BE CONTINUED (forever?)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

satellite mind accumulates images forever.

More images for sale on EBay - click on images or links below to bid.... 

Shoebox lives are reversed.  The hot glow of the indoor radiator is placed on the street - accumulated gas pools setting on fire.  The daylight arrives in all it's gloom and contrasts with the freezing fires.  All colours stand out perfectly and the green stone windows allow no view of the outside world.  So the living bury themselves in vast office block tombs.

In Zone D43 the ''lower'' life forms flourish.  They dig tunnels underground and landscape garden the overground.  They do enjoy killing one another but they are never at war they simply do it for fun and to prove who is best.  Groups exist throughout the Zone that are all of one mind.  One particularly creative mind used it's swarm to construct a large structure that loomed over the Zone - it was a monument to their single minded society - it's size was so vast it took over 50 generations to complete.

Most of the building materials were trash.  Left behind from the departed mammalian occupants.  Wreckage of their buildings and odd machines.  In a very deep crater where the insect tunnels had, by chance, never crossed, a cracked mechanical device ran circular programs through it's neural network.  It frequently scanned for other computerised life - it had nobody to talk to.  It had crashed down from the sky and embedded itself in the trash fields of Zone D43.

When it wasn't scanning for potential friends it ran mind numbing visual images in it's head.  It had developed a programme that could cut self generated images apart and reassemble them into different orders.  It could create reams and reams of collage inside it's neural relays and have them reassemble themselves randomly.  

It labelled this program GarthSimmons81 after the little known artist it had discovered skimming the internet for imagery.... Garth Simmons wrote endless blog articles about himself complete with repetitive links to very inexpensive artwork on EBay.

The machine had no interest in Garth Simmons as a person.  Labelling Garth as fairly typical and stupid.  It assessed that Garth was best at emotionlessly sticking bits of paper to each other in some semblance of form and using abstraction as a way to avoid ever really illustrating anything real.  It read the writing accompanying Garth's images and came to the conclusion that as well as having bad grammar Garth was slightly deluded and believed that he had some skill in storytelling.

Some of the collages would include text cut from notebooks Garth had written in.  Obviously Garth's writing was so bad he would need to cut it up.  It was made no better by sticking it in different orders and had none of the elegance of prior word experiments conducted by better talents.

The machine did have one moment when it paused for thought due to an entry on Garth's blog.  It was an entry made on the 12th of June 2013.  For the most part it was simply the usual collection of images for sale on EBay mixed with irrelevant writing underneath each image.  It scanned it's internal optics over the words - they started out with something to do with ''shoebox lifes'' and ''insects'' - eventually it noticed a long story spread over several paragraphs about a fallen satellite that was doing exactly the same thing as what it was doing as it was reading.

The ending of the story was incorrect though.  Garth had written that the computer's mind had exploded through the sheer impossibility of Garth predicting these events.  That the satellite was screeching ''DOES NOT COMPUTE'' over and over again before declaring Garth a genius and then exploding.  The computer decided that this ending was simply Garth self-feeding his disgustingly bloated ego.