Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Interpretation challenge.

By selling work on EBay I actually got commissioned to make a larger picture for someone's home.  Which is a good result and proves that selling cheap tiny images on EBay can lead to selling larger work.  The picture I made is the one above.  I made it based on the buyer really wanting a large picture in the style of a smaller piece that they really liked.

This image is they liked enough to want a larger interpretation of.  So I had transplant the style of this picture onto three large pages of A3.  The original image was much smaller so the details are more obvious.  So I'm going to show a close up of the middle section of the commission to give some sense of what it looks like closer up.

In a way this is an improvement on the original but in some ways it isn't.  The lady commissioning the work was drawn to the original image for it's simplicity and because it lacked some of the chaos of most of the other work I make.  So in this extension of the prior image I have inadvertently blended the more chaotic elements into the more traditional.  This should tell me something.  The most high priced pieces of artwork I've sold have vaguely resembled cityscapes.  So perhaps if I really want money and to sell lots of large pieces of artwork I should probably just build images that resemble cities.  Which wouldn't be too hard.  Simply intermingle contrasting floors and skies.  I suppose anyone with eyes can relate to the floor and the sky.  They are quite essential and well known opposites.

Does this mean I'm going to be primarily making cityscape images?  I hope not.  I'm not half as awake to to really plan things that way.  Also it would get a little bit boring.  I never really plan any of my pictures unless someone asks me to do something specific.  Then I tend to be okay at doing that because almost any composition can made in my stylized way.

So the challenge is to for anyone who can be bothered reading all this to suggest things for me to interpret.  Then I'll give them a go.  I doubt I'll get many comments in response to this so my list of things to interpret will likely stay very small.

Friday, 10 May 2013

accumulated pasted backgrounds - highlighted aspects irrelevant

Stepping onto the elevator and pressing the appropriate button.  Certainty and uncertainty both yank the platform in the same direction - working together despite being the complete opposite.  
So all options are reducible to being exactly the same.  
This confirmation is soon broken down in it's own pool of sameness.  Curvatures are all cut off along the sharp corners of the Automatic.  Bendy corridors are now divided into broad finities of straight lines.  
A relief in limitations.  
Nice connective boxes.

Crossing the bridge over the non endless brings sharp pangs of pointlessness. 
In a certain frame of mind the support frame is comforting and the bleak blue a bright blue

The choice of outlook flickers quick and vague leaving the brain in the middle never reaching a decision on whether to attach itself to this liminal but null experience.

Stare at the texture of hands only to notice and focus on markings of age.  Flesh as rotting food

Minds leaking vessels and personalities, hopes, dreams and accomplishments flail about as they drown in their realisations of utter desperate fear.  Truth displays everything as continuous lies. 

People as repetitive numbers - all can be reduced into the same symbols between 0 and 9. 

Veins and vines lead downwards and meet together into a fused heart full of blockages

Flat pages of paper full of written somethings stretch empty and unachieving- all cut and pasted into a background for pictures - an attempt to be edgy?  Or just a way making accumulated notebooks of bad writing useful? 

Either way the dribbling produce of words spreads even now as my ageing hands type autonomous drivel.  Then colour the words in to make them seem more interesting.

Friday, 3 May 2013


Three new images for sale on EBay;

Red heat effects/changes/oppresses green ferdent/thriving/infesting plantae. Bones of the released/altered/dead are the fusing material for this occurence.  Minute cellular changes infuse all separations/distinctions/opposites together.

At the deep core/centre/control of the green no alternative arises but to succumb/surrender/abdicate.  Some powerless/dying/burning segments of the alkaline consciousness plead for growth/accession/flowering but diminshment into ashes and embers is the result despite any pleas for their usual routine movement/expansion/degradation. 

Everything burns into collective/infinite/irritating oneness.  After a-while/too-long/not-long-enough it begins to cool into segments.  Within these segments lines are built to define parameters/borders/boundaries and everything is tinged with a defining blueness.  Cold/alone/distinct.