Wednesday, 19 November 2014

VIDA prelaunch

VIDA are launching this month and there website is currently in it's prelaunch phase.  So you can sign up to the website and if you share the website with your friends you'll get free credits with which to buy lots of cool products (like the t shirt in the image).  It's all looking very snazzy and polished so far and it's been a very interesting few months watching it develop without having to take much action myself. 

VIDA are already creating quite a buzz in the fashion industry and have been featured in Fashion TimesApparel NewsFashionista, Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, amongst others.... also VIDA has been funded $1.3 million from the likes of Universal Music and Google Ventures.... so it's all suddenly starting sound very pretty impressive. 

I've not much more to add at this point but there will be more news coming up soon when VIDA launch properly later this month.  You should certainly sign up to their website in the meantime and share with your friends.  With each friend you recommend more money goes towards teaching literacy to residents of third world countries.  So I'm not just promoting this for selfish reasons.

Until next time here are a few zoomed in segments of some of my upcoming products.