Tuesday, 10 May 2016

False Statue Corroding In An Acid Bath of Linear Stuff

Evaluating myself on where I am now and in the past seems to be a useless way of evaluating creative development.  In that my current state is fluctuating and altering whereas the images produced in the past stay still until they are reused or reinterpreted in the future.  So it lacks a temporal placement for evaluation.  Something unimportant 5 years ago can become important now.  And I won't even remember where the original idea came from but the idea or image will still exist.  Existence is temporary and changeable whereas images can be fixed and (more) permanent.   Perhaps this is why I'm often working in temp jobs.  Because something about the unfixed glue of my being means that I can only adapt but never fix into place.  Never become a false statue corroding in an acid bath of linear stuff.

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