Friday, 22 March 2013

flesh vortex embellishment suffuses onto compartmentalised form

Three new images on EBay ending this weekend - also a few that have been unsold over the past few weeks.

I've imagined a deep massive throat with body parts spinning out of it.  Arms, legs, heads and torsos dribbling dislocated onto the living room floor.  This throat would lead to a place infinitely dense and vast.  Therefore an infinite supply of limbs pooling out of a fleshy singularity.

And so these parts would then be made into people.  And also used to replace lost limbs of broken people.  They would be used in whatever way possible just as long as they were used - otherwise the whole world would eventually become overrun with piles of unused limbs everywhere - it would eventually get to the point where there were more limbs than there were people.  Infinite non ending unstoppable production of limbs.

So we would devise more and more ways of using the limbs.  Making them into tables, cars and other tools and objects.  Even resorting to setting them on fire in massive pits.  Which would cause no end of pollution and a terrible smell of rotting or burning flesh.

The world would become quite hellish.  And images like the above and others that I've been producing would actually make everything our lives just a little bit better.

So if you are worried about limbs propagating out of a mysterious infinity throat then perhaps you should bid on my artwork.  It would give you something pleasant to stare at if in your future home you have to sit down on a pile of legs and arms that your Local Authority has marked as ''compulsory furniture''.

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