Saturday, 25 August 2012

Organic mass (mess) converges onto multi coloured light (life) form

Been producing a few large images to exhibit at the Leeds Gallery for an exhibition starting on the 3rd September (details here - it's on for a whole month so if your in the area come along). 

The above image is called "Shambling organic mass (mess) converges onto multi coloured light (life) form."  You may have already gathered the name of the image from the title of this blog post but I like it so much I thought it worth pointing out twice.

The organic mass (mess) in the image should be apparent in the red lines converging on the also apparent globular multi coloured light (life) form.  Does the red of the mass (mess) make it seem too gory.  Also the lines of convergence look rather organised for a "(mess)" but the nature of convergence is to meet at one point.  The organic mass is a gloopy dribbling horror of many different parts and faces - just like people - the organic mass could be people, to be honest, this was my original assumption and objective on starting the picture. 

The multi coloured light (life) form is open to interpretation because it more than likely doesn't exist in any corporeal form.  At a very young age in nursery I decided to amuse myself by staring at the sun for ages and I think at some point and for a finitely infinite time the whole world blanked out and went quiet and empty - although some time later a scary old womans face started shouting at me - back to reality unfortunately.  Anyway there is some part of the mind or the world that can be entered, activated or imagined.  Where you stare at a crack in the wall or the corrugated lines on the radiator and your mind goes totally blank and empty just for a bit and you can feel like you're part of the inside surface of a empty sphere rotating around something much more unfathomable and much more pure which makes every one of us all the more irrelevant.


  1. I have to say I'm somewhat irritated by having my gaze directed like this...but, maybe that's not a bad thing.

    The pointing figures over the globe give it real depth but, like most of the work's the colour selection that really knocks me out.

  2. Interesting stuff. The whole idea was to direct the vision to a certain point though now i'm thinking that perhaps this is a little limiting in contrast to other work i've done. I tend to make textural patterns or vortexes and other similar focul points though now i'm thinking that i ishould make an image with too many focal points so the eye is broken apart trying to direct itself to four points at once. All the while avoiding a centre where the diversions meet. Tricky.

  3. I'll say this...irritating bits and all...I really like what you're doing.

    Beyond a general appreciation...these pieces really strike me.